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Ty, Kelly & Chuck’s 100,000 Thank Yous


THANK YOU for all of your letters! Because of your dedication to our troops, we surpassed our goal of 100,000 Thank Yous and with OVER 175,000 letters sent to our military members!

Click HERE to see pictures of some Thank You letters we received throughout the campaign.


WATCH Garth Brooks read the 100,000th Thank You Letter LIVE On-Air! #100Kthankyous



The holidays are a time to spend with loved ones, including family and friends. While they’re quickly approaching, there will be hundreds of thousands of service members who can’t make it home this holiday season to be with the ones they love the most, all in the name of ensuring YOUR freedom. As the year is winding down, we only feel it’s right to fall into a season of thanks. We have SO much thanks for our military members, that we’ve embarked on an initiative called ‘​100,000 Thank Yous,’ in partnership with the USO and United Rentals!



Ty, Kelly & Chuck are challenging YOU to create, collect, and send 100,000 Thank You letters to our troops overseas in the month of November. Our troops are there for sps 24/7… it’s YOUR turn to be there for THEM when they need it the most!


How Do I Get Involved?

Collecting 100,000 letters is no easy feat, which is why we absolutely need you! SEND us your own Thank You letters HOWEVER you want to! Have time to make a personal, homemade cards to be sent to our troops? AMAZING! Don’t have time to make one? Drop by the store on your way to or from work and grab one already made – quick and easy! We don’t care HOW you get us a Thank You letter, we just care that you send one!



WHERE & HOW Should I Send my Thank You Letter(s)?

If you’re sending MULTIPLE letters, please package every letter together in ONE large envelope, and send that to the address below. No need to include an envelope for each letter, as we will be shipping them in bulk. Please send ALL letters to…

Ty, Kelly & Chuck
P.O. Box 23797
Nashville, TN 37202


Who Can Send Thank Yous?

ANYONE! We strongly encourage you to utilize your church group, book club, fraternity/sorority, school classroom or any other group/organization to send Thank Yous of their own! Know someone? Send them this link!!!



When Is the Deadline to Send My Card(s)?

Our goal is to have 100,000 (and MORE) Thank Yous by December 5, 2017.



How Many Thank Yous Can I Send?

AS MANY AS YOU’D LIKE! One hundred thousand isn’t a meek number… we would LOVE for you to send us at least one. But if you have means of gathering more than one, we welcome them with open arms!



Have any other questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to executive producer Glenn Johnson at [email protected] and/or digital producer Bryan Webb at [email protected].


HUGE thank you to our ‘100,000 Thank Yous’ partners: the USO Fort Campbell & Nashville and United Rentals!



Artists Helping Out with 100,000 Thank Yous