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#KfoDiaries Weekly Blog – 7/25/19

Does anyone else hate Apple earbuds!?!? They hurt my ears. They fall out. They sound like hot garbage. Consequently, I’ve been looking for my “soul” buds for quite some time. So I was cautiously optimistic when the folks from PaMu offered to send me a pair of their new earbuds if I would review them. They made some big promises that I was ready to shoot them down as a connisseur of ear appartis for over 20 years in radio. But it was love at first hear from the moment they made their snug little home in my oddly shaped ear canals. In fact, I heard a chorus of angels when I put them on. (In large part because I was listening to the Angel City Chorale from America’s Got Talent.) Nonetheless, I heard angels. As far as functionality, they are super easy to use. They are Bluetooth, wireless and waterproof. I even tested them by immersing my head in water at a pool. The pairing struggle has always been real for me, but these are like magic and pair automatically every time. I also have to say I genuinely like the design. They look kinda badass. I’ve been using them for about two weeks now while cleaning the house, exercising, and swimming, and they have never fallen out. They keep a good charge (about 3 hours), and they recharge in a handy little docking case that uses a micro USB. Finally, the sound quality is surpisingly quite good for the price point. (Under $100.) Not epic or mind-blowing, but you get good enough bang and bass for your buck. Yes, I’m all about that bass. Sorry. I couldn’t resist. Check ‘em for yourself and lemme know what you think. Call me. I’ll just use the touch control on my PaMu earbuds with the built in microphone to conversate with you… while I’m floating in the pool, of course.

Water-Resistant Never Fall Out True Wireless Stereo Earbuds X13-PAMU


Home beauty DYEsasters! Amazing Grace aka Kirwan, which she might have already given up on, dyed her hair blonde. Went from virgin light brown to very YELLOW blonde. NOT horrible but definitely needed a little finessing. I know my kid so I was verrrrrryyyyyy careful about how I approached this one. I talked about what a great job she did and how much money she saved by doing it from a box. I also gently suggested she might want to go to a salon to have someone put the finishing touches on her work. (I’m a pro hairstylist since my sister is one and my granny was one.) Anyhoo, it might be a way to take calls on home hair/beauty disasters. I cut my own bangs a few years ago based on an Allure article. Wish I could find the pic. Horrifying!


Speaking of bad hair days:


Trying to squeeze in all I can with #AmazingGrace before she leaves for college in a few weeks. That includes dragging her to one of my childhood roadtrip memories from growing up in Kentucky. I made her and her friend, who was visiting from Jersey, go to Mammoth Cave with me on Sunday. My family didn’t do a lot of vacations or trips when I was kid, so Mammoth Cave was a big memory for me. Completely different than I remembered it. But it was still very cool. Fun fact: It’s the longest known cave system in the world. I do feel extra pressure, in a good way, to create as many memories with her as I can. Not only making memories, but sharing part of my history and the history of my family. What is that thing you did as a kid that you really want to share with your kid?


What is your favorite name of a childhood friend? This is inspired by Grace’s friend from Jersey who is visiting. Her name is Francesca Guido. How awesome is that? It sounds like a movie character. Thirty years from now, she’ll be telling her kids stories about running around Jersey City with Frannie Guido. My favorite names of childhood friends are Liz Juckett, Gail Washbish and Barkley Payne. I love hearing my husband tell stories about Jim Shuster and Brian Quisenberry. It’s probably too simplistic for a “phoner” but it made me smile to think about it.


Heads up friends! Mercury goes into retrograde tomorrow, July 26th. Things ‘BOUT get squuuuiiiiirrrrrrrrirrely.